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Download Map Legend Active X (Arc GIS)

The Legend control for Delphi/MapObjects developers. It was designed to
replaces the original VB Legend control that shipped with MapObjects.
The better features of the legend control are

1. You can resize it by moving the mouse on the bottom right button,
2. You can move it by moving the mouse on its border,
3. The layer of the map can be expanded or collapsed by user clicking,
(likes Treeview in ArcGIS)
4. Full functioning scrollbar.
5. You can set some properties at runtime by popupmenu likes set font of the display
layers, legend items.
6. You can set the range of scale to show the layer by set the properties of MapLegend.
No need to write some more code at MapBeforeLayerDraw event of Map control.
7. Support Image layer.

ArcGis adalah software untuk pemetaan dan GIS. Map Legend untuk keterangan dari peta yang sudah dibuat untuk digunakan pada Borland Delphi untuk download klik link dibawah ini

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